Can we upload Party ledger from excel in banking ?

Yes you can! Simple add a column of party ledger name in your banking excel sheet, after successful upload of data, the ledgers will be fetched automatically.

If you have excel bank statement so you can add a extra column where you can add party ledger name from tally directly in excel .

Below are the steps that you can follow :

  1. In excel bank statement end add one Colum with name Party name 2image_Pending.png

  2. According to your requirement copy paste ledger or party name required transaction 3image_Pending.png

**Instruction**: ​Please make sure to get the auto ledger selected the ledger party name should be already made in tally master and name should be same as tally record 
  1. Then save your statement and upload it in banking and after completing you will find that party name are automatically selected

You can download sample file from the banking module