Error while logging into Suvit

In case, you logged out of Suvit while some data were still in process, it won't allow you to login unless data process has been completed. Read on to know more how to resolve it.

When you are trying to login Suvit Application, if it shows an error of "data already processing try logging after data process complete", in that case please check whether the ID you're trying to login is also in use by other person for transferring the data. If that's the case, let the process complete and then you can login.

In case the error is persisting while no one is using that ID, you need to check who have used it last time and check in that system whether some data are still in process and pending, need to clear that first then you will be able to login.

Now, when you are logging in Suvit and it still shows the error please contact our team for its resolution on +919558261955 or write us on