How to Process Item Invoice in Sales-Purchase from Suvit

Yes we can also process Sales or Purchase Item Invoice from Suvit.

How to Process Item Invoice in Sales-Purchase from Suvit

  1. To process Item Invoice in Sales first of all we have to prepare the excel sheet, and for that prefer the below image.


  1. Once you have prepared the excel sheet you have to open and go to web browser, and from transaction > sales > excel.


  1. After you go to the screen as seen in above image you have to click on upload, from where we can process the excel sheet. And after clicking follow the below image steps.


  1. Make sure that during selecting the type you have selected > Item Invoice(With Item). After upload the excel sheet click on complete status and prefer the below image steps. ​ Fields Mapping Stage > In first stage you have to mapped Tally Fields. Name of Item and Quantity are compulsory to mapped and from Rate and Amount only one field you have to mapped and the second field is reflect automatic (Example like if you'll mapped Rate so your Taxable Amount will be automatic and if you'll mapped Taxable Amount so your Rate will be reflect automatic)


GST Mapping Stage > ​ You have to select the respective GST ledgers as per your tally. ​


Ledger Mapping > ​ All the additional ledgers will be mapped here. For eg: Freight Charges, etc.


  1. After mapping all three stages click on "Save & Proceed" and Transaction Screen will be reflected as in below image.


  1. Select the entries and saved first, after saved the entries click on "Send to Tally" Button and wait for while, once your transactions are completely Send in to Tally it's shows in green like below image and your With Item entries are completed here and you have to just cross check in your Tally.