Voucher number cannot be left blank

The voucher number in tally must be set to a specific numbering settings like Automatic, Manual, Automatic (Manual Override), etc. in tally. Know more how it affects your data process in Suvit.

Voucher number cannot be left blank

After pushing the data into tally you might not get the voucher because the Voucher number's setting is not enable. In this article we will see how to configure Voucher number in Suvit Sales/Purchase.

Step-1 : Voucher number should be there in you Sales/Purchase excel sheet.

For example:

1voucher name.jpg

After saving the excel sheet;

Step-2: Upload excel sheet to Suvit:

How to upload excel sheet follow the steps: https://help.suvit.io/articles/uploading-sales-sales-return-data-through-an-excel-sheet

Step-3: In mapping screen find configuration button and click on it.

2config buttom.png

Step-4: Pop-up will open click on check box to enable it as per given below image and click on save button


Step-5: Select voucher number in mapping screen as per below image

4coucher number.jpg

That's how you can solve the Voucher number cannot be left blank error.