Voucher Number Cannot be left blank (Sales & Purchase)

If the entry is failing to record in tally & reason is voucher no. cannot be left blank of sales/purchase entry we have a solution, read on.

Voucher Number Cannot be left blank (Sales & Purchase)

Earlier when you mapped reference number or supplier invoice number in Suvit, the same was considered as for voucher number as well.


But recently, we have provided the field of voucher number as well. ​ In that case, you should add a column of "Voucher Number" along with the column of "Reference number" or "Supplier Invoice number". You can keep it same if you require or else you can add the number as per your requirement specific.

2Voucher no7.png

Then after uploading the file, in mapping screen, there is an option of "Configuration", click on it and enable the "Voucher No." field from it. Now map it in front of your excels' voucher number and rest process of mapping and saving will remain as usual.

3Voucher no6.png


Now, the entries are ready to be processed in tally.