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Auto ledger/Item Creation
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In Sales / Sales Return, Purchase/ Purchase Return you will be able to create missing ledger and item automatically. Please follow the below steps to auto ledger/item creation.

  1. Go to sales excel

  2. Upload the file

  3. In case any ledgers or items are missing from your uploaded file, the system will automatically alert you. A pop-up notification will inform you about the number of missing ledgers and items.


4. If any ledgers or items are missing, the party account name and item name column will display a "+" icon, indicating that there's a discrepancy.


5. By clicking on the "+" icon, a pop-up will appear, giving you two choices:

  1. Create Automatically: Opt for this option if you wish to proceed with automatically creating the missing ledger using GST data.

  2. Review Before Creation: Choose this option if you want to review and make adjustments before finalizing the creation of the ledger or item. This leads you to the master ledger/item page.


  • Here, the ledger will be created automatically.

    Note: Remember, party account names are case-sensitive. Any variations in the name, such as spaces or letter cases, can lead to duplicate ledger creation. For instance, creating "abc" and "abc with space" would result in two separate entries.

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7.If you chose the "Review Before Creation" option, you'll be directed to the master ledger/item page. Here, you can thoroughly review the newly created ledger or item. If any adjustments are necessary, you have the option to make changes before saving.



8. Once you're satisfied with the ledger/item creation and review process, you can navigate back to the main sales transaction screen using the "Back to Sales" button. This allows you to proceed with other necessary steps in the sales process.

9. Before syncing your transactions to Tally, remember that the first priority is to sync the created ledgers and items. Once this step is completed, you can proceed to sync the transactions.

In conclusion, our streamlined process for creating auto ledgers and items revolutionizes the way you handle sales/Purchase data. With automated creation, accurate syncing, and optional review, you can now manage your sales /Purchase process with ease and efficiency. No more manual errors or duplication—just a smooth, hassle-free experience.

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