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Create your Suvit account

Learn how to create your Suvit account. Every Suvit user requires to have a username & password to process the data in Tally from Suvit.

Follow the below steps to create your account in Suvit:
  1. Visit www.suvit.io and click on "Sign Up" or directly visit https://in.suvit.io/signIn

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  2. You need to fill up the registration form and click on "Register" button. Alternatively, you can use the "Sign Up with Google" option.

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    The E-mail ID used at this stage, will not be editable or altered in future. So, kindly provide a valid E-mail address.

    Passwords are case-sensitive and must be between 8-15 characters. Suvit allows users to change passwords as and when required. Apparently, users who think their password has been compromised should change it immediately.

    Additionally, if a user:
    a) attempts to log in with an incorrect password four consecutive times, the user is locked out of Suvit, and their account will be temporarily deactivated.
    b) attempts to send/resend OTP four consecutive times, the user will be blocked from resetting the password for the next 24 hours.

    In the above situations, you must contact Suvit Support team at +919558261955 for assistance. However, A deactivated user ID will not affect your Suvit account or the data in your Suvit account.

  3. After the successful registration, you can sign in to Suvit with the registered E-mail ID/Mobile number and Password.

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    Once you have registered in Suvit, you must verify and update your profile. Click here to learn more about it.