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Create bulk ledger in Suvit

Now, create thousands of ledgers within minutes using Suvit.

  1. Sign in to Suvit.

  2. Click on Bulk Master Creation from the left menu. 

    2022-11-12_102941 bulk 1
  3. On Bulk Master Creation page, you will get Download sample; then click on "Download Sample", and then dropdown will appear with Stock item & Ledger selected ledger. One excel sheet will be downloaded.  

    2022-11-12_115900 bulk 3

    2022-11-16_173851 bulk 29
  4. Open the excel sheet, fill in the required detail, and save it ."Name" & "Under" are mandatory to be filled in.

    2022-11-16_103551 bulk 16

  5. Come back to Bulk Master Creation page, click on "upload file", select the company & type, select type ledger, browse your ledger excel, and upload; during upload, you will get an error log of excel as well if any ledger has failed with reason.

    2022-11-16_104859 bulk 17
    2022-11-16_105105 buk 18
  6. Download excel error ledger log and scroll right side of excel. You will find the error in "failed reason" column.

    2022-11-16_105247 20
  7. Come back to Bulk Master Creation page; on the right-hand side, you will get "Status" section which will be "pending" in action; there will be three dots. Click on it one small popup will appear with  "Synced to Tally".

    2022-11-16_111202 bulk 23
  8. After clicking on Synced to Tally, one popup will appear to checkmark all the three-parameter and click on "Yes, I Checked"

    2022-11-16_113625 25
  9. Then you will be redirected to the Bulk Master Creation page with a popup on right-hand top that says "Operation is Successfully Executed", and on the right-hand side, in the "status"  section, you will find that your uploaded sheet is in "Processing".

    2022-11-16_114606 bulk 26
  10. Then you can go to your Suvit desktop application. There you will get the loader that your records are going in Tally. Once that loader is stopped with a record, you can return to Bulk Master Creation page and refresh your page, and you will find that status is changed from "Processing" to "Complete".

    2022-11-16_120812 27 bulk 27

    2022-11-16_174504 bulk 30

    Check those ledgers in Tally. You will find that those ledger masters are created in your Tally.

    If you import bulk items from Suvit, Click here.