How to prepare Journal data in excel sheet

One can record debit & credit of sales, purchase using a Journal through SUVIT by making a few changes in your datasheet, or else you can put data in our sheet.

Data preparation in Excel sheet.

  1. The data you want to upload should be on the first sheet.
  2. Headers should be on top (on the first row)
  3. Please ensure the uploaded excel file does not contain the dot(.) and dollar ($) symbols in the column header, and other than the sales/purchase field, do not add anything above the title.
  4. Invoice number should be filled in.
  5. Same invoice number should be together.
  6. Also, do not write any inappropriate data in the sheet. 
    For example:- do not write NA, not applicable, or something else.
  7. Date format should be DD/MM/YYYY (27-05-2022).
  8. Delete Grand total if given in the sheet.
  9. Transaction numbers should be, at most, 5000 per sheet.
  10. The total amount of Debit and Credit amount should be same.
  11. All text should be in TEXT or General Format, and Numbers should be in Number format ( how to change the format, visit the link here )
  12. Other amount can be added Horizontally for the same Invoice or Reference number
  13. Save the document in Excel Workbook format.