Import the bank statement

This article will help you understand how to import a bank statement from Suvit to Tally, which formats are supported, and how long it takes to process the file after uploading.

It would be best if you visited "Banking" module, available under "Transactions" head as shown in the below image and then to upload the bank statement, click on "Import Statement".

image 27-1

You can select the company name and bank ledger name in which you want to process your data. Then, you can choose the document from "Click to upload" and then click on "Upload" button.

image 29

The document will be under "Processing" status. It will take some time to get processed, depending on the format. The status will change from "Processing" to "Complete" or "Failed".

Supported formats of bank statements:

  1. Original PDF
  2. Scanned PDF
  3. Excel Sheet

Note: Suvit does not support passbook, RTP TXT formats, Dot Matrix font formats, Share Market statements and Loan Statements.

Approximate time for document processing:

The processing time taken by a document to get complete will depend on its format. Maximum time taken for completion of documents is given below:

  • Original PDF (Up to 1 Hour).
  • Scanned PDF (Up to 12 Hours).
  • Excel Sheet (Up to 30 Minutes).

Remove the password from a password-protected document:

For example, if you have a bank statement which is password protected, you can remove it and then upload it in Suvit. Follow below steps to remove password:

  1. Open the document in Chrome browser.
  2. Give print command or click on printer symbol available in the top right corner.
  3. Select "Save as PDF" in the Destination and save the new file in desired folder path.
  4. Check by opening the new file, as now the password will be removed, and a file will be ready to be uploaded in Suvit.

To know what to do if the status changes from "Processing" to "Failed", visit here.