Sync/View the ledgers/items of Subscribed company

This article will help you to synchronize tally ledgers for ledger selection; before you begin to process a bank statement into Tally from Suvit, it is necessary.

Whenever you start your work in Suvit, you have to make sure that:

  • The company is opened and selected in your Tally;
  • No multiple tally windows should be opened. Ensure only one tally window is opened;
  • The Suvit desktop application must be opened and logged in with the same credentials as on Suvit web page where you will upload your documents;
  • The company opened in Tally must be shown as connected in the Suvit desktop application.

Sync from web login or Suvit tally connector application:

  1. Click on "Sync" button to synchronize the tally ledgers from Suvit desktop application.
  2. To sync ledgers from web login, go to "My Companies" and look for the desired company's last row under "Action" three dots are available; hover your cursor to find the Sync ledger and View ledger options as seen in below image. Then, click on "Sync Ledger" and wait for a successful ledger synchronization for some seconds.

    image 30

  3. To View, your tally ledgers in Suvit, kindly click on "View Ledger".

    image 31
  4. Alternatively, you can also view the ledgers as well as Items created in your Tally from "Master" section, as seen below image; click on "Ledgers" or "Item" to view its list by clicking on pen symbol given in Action column at last.

image32Check for the company and bank ledger name format:

Make sure there is no extra space in the name of company and ledgers. Whenever you create any Ledger, if you paste the title copied from elsewhere, it can carry extra space at the end, which must be avoided.

To know which ledger/item has extra space in its name, you can check it by finding the special characters at the end of its name, for eg, ARVIND KAUR

Refer below image to understand it better:

image 33

Remove the space from that ledger name in Tally and sync the ledgers to get the updated ledger name with no errors or extra spaces.

With the successful ledger sync and above points being checked & ensured, you can now upload the bank statement. You can visit here if you want to know more about it.