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Uploading Sales/Sales return data through an excel sheet

When you load the sales data into SUVIT, it creates a new worksheet, but the original sales data worksheet stays the same. This makes it easy to experiment with the data without changing the data source and easy to Push the data into Tally

How to Upload Sales/Sales return bill through Excel sheet:

1. If you are already a registered user, kindly visit the below link

excel sheet

2. Click on upload file to upload the excel sheet on the website (Upload Pop-up screen will appear)

3. Upload excel sheet

excel upload scrren

  • Select the company in the first tab
  • Select type (with an item or without an item invoice)
  • Upload your document
  • Go to the Upload button to upload the excel sheet

4. After uploading, click on Complete at the end of the file for the mapping screen

complete screen-1

Click here for the next step after completing: Mapping.