Steps to check

  • Same Company should be open in Tally and  Suvit Desktop application.
  • Tally Settings should be act as both & ODBC server should be Yes
  • Tally Port should be same in Tally & Suvit (for Example If you are using 9001 Port in tally it should be 9001 in Suvit Desktop application also).

  • Now click on Sync Buttton to sync the ledger(as per below image from the Suvit Desktop Application).

  • After Syncing Ledger Kindly Reload the web page or perform CTRL+SHIFT+R to hard reload the page (recommended)

Note* : 

  • Make sure you are using Latest version of the application. Kindly check for the updates in "What's new" section on web page. It is the last option available on the left side menu

  • If Ledger/Item where created through TDL and required data is filled inappropriately, Ledger/Item will not Sync to SUVIT.