Yes you can use Bulk Master creation option to upload new Ledger & Stock item in bulk please follow below steps .

  • Find Bulk Master Creation in the menu or click Here
  • Download Stock Item/ledger file according to your need.

  • Open the downloaded excel sheet. Enter desired data and fill all necessary data.

  • Save the excel sheet.

  • Click on upload button from the right side.

  • Select company and select type ( Stock Item/ Ledger )
  • Select the Excel sheet and click on upload.

After Uploading the file you will have the screen like below image:- 

        1.    It will show status Pending for the first time.

        2.    Click on the Three dot below the action and then click on Synced to Tally


       3.    Pop-up will open. Check all 3 parameters and click on Yes i checked. Your ledgers/ stock item will created in tally