Manage and distribute specific set of role permission to your User(staff)/Client(end user). Form which your User(staff)/Client(end user) can access only given set of permission to perforn.
For example:

  • User 1 will only do the Bank statement
  • User 2 will only work on Sales & Purchase

Steps to follow to assign the Permission:

1. Go to Settings in the menu then click on Role Management as per shown in the below image.

2. Click on Create New Role

3. i. Click on Select type and select User or Client from the menu as per below image

    ii. Click on Role name and Assign one desired Name


4. Select desired field you want to Assign to your User(staff)

    1. Full Access: User will have full access. He can View files, Create/Edit the file and Delete file.

    2. View: User can only view the file.

    3. Create/Edit: User can process the file but not able to delete any thing from the file or file.

    4. Delete: User can delete file & transaction.

5. Click on Create Role to create.