Manage and distribute your entire accounting work among your staff by creating their individual user profile. It will help you to give specific set of permissions to your staff. 

Steps to follow:-

1. Go to Settings > User Management

2. In User Management, click on Add User to register and create user ID & Password.

   *Note: As per your package; credits are available to create/add user in your account. As in below image you can see 2 users, it is as per our basic package.

3.  Fill out the form with user's details and system generated password will be available. You can change it as per your convenience.

*Important Note: The E-mail ID and mobile number should not be previously registered with Suvit.

4. Assign Role

    If you're using for the first time, you have to create roles as per your requirement where you can grant access to the particular user. Once Roles are created you can simply add it from drop down in "Assign role".


   To create new role click on "+" button as shown in below image. For creating role you can also refer our article here: 

5. Click in the tab below "Assign company" to assign the companies to user. If you want to assign all companies, simply leave it blank, by default all subscribed companies will get assigned to the user. 

You can refer our article for the more details on "Assign Company", here:


*Note: Only the subscribed companies will be available for assigning.

6. Click on Add User to successfully create the user.

Note: You can edit the user as and when required. For more details on that, refer: