You cannot upload data more than 10000!

The excel sheet uploaded in Suvit, must be not containing more than 10000 data rows, if you get such error, read on the below article for successful uploading of the data.

You cannot upload data more than 7000!

When you are uploading an excel sheet where the data is more than 7000, the file will not be uploaded as we have restricted the size of the data per excel to it. Because, when you transfer such huge data, tally becomes unresponsive which may further lead to errors.

If you have data more than 7000, simply split it into different excel sheets and then upload. Suvit have no restrictions on number of excel sheets to be imported.

Sometimes, even when the data is less than 7000, you are getting this issue, it can be due to excel sheet format. Simply, select the entire blank rows and blank columns of that excel sheet and delete it using CTRL - (Control & Minus sign). Then save and re-upload it will be done.