Auto Fill Ledger in Banking from Excel Sheet

Yes, Now you don't have to select the ledgers in Banking. Because it will be auto fill if you're uploading Bank Entries from Excel sheet.

Auto Fill Ledger in Banking from Excel Sheet

If you have your Banking Data in Excel Sheet and your Ledgers are also Mentioned in excel, so after uploading the Excel Sheet you don't have to select the Ledgers manually in Banking. And for the "Excel Sheet Template" prefer the below Image.


As seen in above image we insert the "Ledgers" in the Excel Sheet so now first we have to upload the Excel Sheet. For that open and come to the Banking > import Statement > Select the Company > Select the Bank > Select the Excel Sheet > Upload. And after uploading the Statement, Click on Complete Status and Come to the below Image Screen.


As per your Excel Sheet Ledger DATA your Ledgers are Automatically Selected in Selecting Ledger Option. And than you can able to Send your DATA in to Tally after Saved those Entries.

**(Note:- Make sure that your "Excel Sheet Ledgers name" and your "Tally Ledgers name" should be Same)**

Sample sheet: Find Attachment