Can we configure Suvit with Tally cloud?

As you are using Tally on cloud, which makes your accounting easy from anywhere similarly, it's straightforward to configure with Suvit.

Can we configure Suvit with Tally cloud?

  1. Open your tally cloud ->

    Tally cloud works in 2 ways RDP based & Web-based:

    • If you are using RDP-based TOC, then you will have a domain URL (Eg: 101.105.103:7890 ).
    • If you are using Web-based, then you will have a domain URL (Eg:


    One the above image, your tally cloud URL is

  2. Once you are login into cloud on the right-hand side of the screen, there is a remote app window. Ask your admin or tally cloud vendor to add Suvit desktop application to the remote app. 2image-png-Dec-06-2022-11-36-15-6392-AM.png

  3. Once Suvit desktop application is added, open the Suvit desktop application and sign in with your Suvit id and password. 3image-png-Dec-06-2022-11-40-23-5534-AM.png

  4. After signing in, enter Tally Host settings and enter Tally cloud web URL & in Tally port, enter Tally port on which Tally is running. 4image-png-Dec-06-2022-11-45-42-7986-AM.png

After Entering the tally cloud URL and Tally port clicks on save setting, you will see now your tally cloud is connected with Suvit.