Delete entries from bank statement

We will guide you to ignore or delete the not required entries from a bank statement uploaded in Suvit for transferring it to tally.

Delete entries from bank statement

The bank statement you uploaded in Suvit might be having some entries which you have already done in tally or those entries are contra in nature and are already posted from another bank statement. ​ Such entries you would not want to send so as to avoid duplication. For this, we have the option to delete the entries, given, you have identified those entries. ​

Simply filter those entries out with the use of various filters available in Suvit. Now select those entries and click on delete button as seen in below image; the delete button will appear only when the entries are selected.

1Delete Entry.png

By clicking on "Delete" button, the selected entries will be deleted from the bank statement in Suvit as seen in the below image:

2Delete entry 2.png

Basically, delete option will be visible only once you select the entries. ​

Remember, once the entries are deleted, they won't be recoverable. These entries are deleted from Suvit and not from original bank statement.