Entries are not getting transferred in Tally and show as "unable to detect the login"

After clicking on "Send Transaction to tally", the entry is not showing in progress, it could be due to application being time out. You can simply quit the application from task manager and re-open the same.

Entries are not getting transferred in Tally and show as "unable to detect the login"

Processing a bank statement or sales/purchase data from Suvit to Tally is easy. As you are done with selecting and saving the ledgers, you need to send the transactions to tally by simply clicking on "Send Transactions to tally" from the drawer as seen in below image:


After clicking on it, a dialogue box will appear with status of entries, initially being in the stage of sync initiate, then in the stage of synced in Tally connecter app of Suvit and finally in the stage of successfully synced in Tally or failed to sync in Tally. Refer to images' respective stages:



But, for some reason, it might be possible that when we click on "Send Transactions To Tally", those data are stuck on Sync Initiate stage or Synced in Tally connecter app stage.

It shows as "unable to detect the login"

  • Suppose the system is not where you have done "Send Transaction To Tally". In that case, tracking the data stuck reason is impossible, so you need to log in to the existing system from where you have initiated sending the data to tally. ​

  • If the system was the same when you sent data & It shows as "unable to detect the login", to resolve it, follow the below steps:

  1. Restart the tally application;

  2. Close the Suvit Tally connecter application for 1 minute; *make sure the Suvit app is closed and not running in background.

  3. Make sure the login ID is same in Web browser Suvit and Tally Connector application.

  4. Re-start the Suvit application.

  5. Please wait for 2 to 3 minutes, and data processing will begin from where it had stopped, and entries will then be synced in Tally.


  1. Click on the "Refresh" tab as shown in below image:

4unable to detect login.png