Horizontal Sheet with Multiple GST with Multiple tally tax ledger

Here we will guide you to map respective tally tax ledgers in case where your data is of multiple GST rate applicability.

Horizontal Sheet with Multiple GST with Multiple tally tax ledger

If you have the sheet containing data where multiple GST % is applicable in Horizontal format like shown in below Image:

*Note: Click on image to zoom.

1Image S9.png

Now, if you want to consider and post tax amounts in multiple respective tally tax ledgers as per rates applicable you can simply map it from "GST mapping" section and "Ledger Mapping".

In Particulars column, add any 1 of the ledgers of given rates, for eg: in below sheet image, we have total 4 GST rates applicable i.e. Sales Exempt, Sales @ 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%, so in particulars we have added 5% sales account i.e. Sales @ 5%.

2Image S10.png

The rest, Sales 12, Sales 18, Sales 28 & Sales Exempt will be mapped in "Ledger Mapping".

In "Imported file header", the headings of data in your sheet need to be selected and against it, in "Select Ledger" you need to select the respective tax ledgers available in your tally.

Refer below image for what mapping will look like: 3Mapping1.png

In GST mapping, you need to map the required tally GST ledger as per your data available (Here we will consider 5% because we have taken it as common and rest will be mapped in "Ledger Mapping" section). Refer below Image: 4GST mapping.png

The remaining GST tax ledgers CGST 6, 9, 14; SGST 6, 9, 14; IGST 12, 18, 28 will be mapped in "Ledger Mapping", refer below image: 5GST mapping2.png

This way you need to map a horizontal data excel sheet of sales/purchase with multiple tally tax ledgers in Suvit. Click on "Save & Proceed" to continue sending the transactions in tally.