How to change tally port?

For connectivity you can change the tally port. In this article we will discuss the steps to do the same.

How to change tally port?

For Tally Prime:

Go to "F1" Help in your tally prime>Settings>Connectivity>Client/Service Configuration>Enter:

For Tally ERP9:

Go to F12 Configuration>Advanced Configuration

Three options will be available where make sure it should be as below:

Tally Prime Act as: Both Enable ODBC: Yes Port: 9000

Important: The port is set 9000 by default, change to any other number for eg: 8975 and save the settings by pressing CTRL+A

After tally restarts, open the desired company and go to Suvit tally connector. Go to Settings and set the port number to the same as set in tally.