How to delete company from Suvit?

The company you subscribed by mistake or any unused subscribed company can be deleted from Suvit and credit of the same will be restored in your total credits.

How to delete company from Suvit?

Now you will be able to delete your company from "My Company" section. This feature will be available only if you haven't synced or exported any transactions and files in the company. This feature has been added for a better user experience.

Note:- For data security reasons, only the primary user can delete the company.

Below are the process from where you can delete the company.

  1. Login to with id (Primary account). 1signing.png

  2. Click on the company name from the right corner, a panel will open where there is an option of "Manage" as shown in below images, click on it to go to My companies: 2mycompanies1.png 3mycompanies.png

In My Companies you will get the list select on right side of the screen in action side click on delete icon the respective company will be deleted and 1 credit will be reversed. 4mycompanies2.png