How to edit the user role?

After successfully creating a user role, given future business requirements, if you need to change it, refer this article to understand the steps involved.

Steps to edit the user role:

  1. Sign in to Suvit with the Primary account (Main Account).

  2. Click on Settings from the left menu and then click on Role Management in the sub-menu. 1role5.png

  3. On the Role Management page, you will get a list of roles you created on the right-hand side. Then, go into Action section you will find an edit role option. 2role6.png

  4. After clicking the edit role button, you will be redirected to the edit role page. Make the changes according to to need and press the "Update role" button. 3role7.png

  5. You will be redirected to the Roles page with a successful role update message.