How to remove a password from a password-protected file?

In this article we will guide you to remove a password from the password protected file in simple steps which ensures the file is ready to be uploaded.

How to remove a password from a password-protected file?

How to remove password form password protected file below are the steps:

Below are few steps to remove the passwords:

Note: Kindly avoid using any google websites or other applications for removing password from the secured file. As it can change the file's format however data will not be tampered or loss. Refer below steps to remove password successfully keeping the original format intact.
  1. Open the PDF with any browser and enter password in it. 18image-png-Dec-08-2022-05-24-55-9442-AM.png


  1. After entering password your pdf will be open then on the right hand side there is a print button 20image-png-Dec-08-2022-05-39-34-6925-AM.png

  2. After clicking in print button select save as pdf 21image-png-Dec-08-2022-05-36-21-4025-AM.png

At last click on save and save as a new file to you system then upload to Suvit you will see you file is processed.