How to Subscribe split Company in Suvit

Once you split your already subscribed company in Suvit, it will allow you to use the split company in place of the original company without wasting any other credit.

**How to split Company in Tally follow the link from here** 
**Note* : If you create New Company with same details it will not considered as Split company** 
Before split any company make sure all work is done. 

If you split the company from Tally, Suvit allows you to subscribe split company without using extra credit, but if you like to work on both Company ( Main Company & Split Company ) then 1 credit will be utilized. Also, further if you again split the company (Making 2nd split), respective credit will be utilized.

Steps to subscribe the Split Company in Suvit:-


Step 1 : Open Split Company in Tally.


Step 2 : Open Suvit Application.

**Note: Previous company will show disconnected in Suvit Connecter App.** 

Step 3 : Go to My company from the menu or else use this direct link from here. Click on the company name so a new panel will open from which go to "Manage" as in below images:



Step 4 : Click on Disable to activate (enable) the split company Main Company and Split company will show as Disable. (if company is not showing in Disable stage Kindly refresh the page.)


Step 5 : Click OK to continue.

Sync the company from Suvit Application. Now your split company is ready to use in SUVIT without using extra credit.

**Note*:- Once Split company is subscribed - credit cannot be reversed or exchange or interchange in any condition.**