My entry is stuck in Suvit?

While you transfer the entry from Suvit to tally, some instances it may get stuck between tally and Suvit due to connectivity issue between them. Simply restart your tally or Suvit application to resolve this issue.

My entry is stuck in Suvit?

- If your data are stuck according to the below image. 1image'.png

Below are a few reasons why entry can get stuck going in Tally.

  • Tally is taking the load.

  • Tally port issue.

  • Internet disconnected.

  • The company is not open to tally.

Here are some steps from which you can solve it on your own :

  • First, see whether the tally is working and not getting hang, if it is; then restart the tally once.

  • Quit your Suvit desktop application from the task manager and re-open it. 2,image.png

Open the Suvit desktop application again and you will see your entries have started going in Tally.