Re-select ledgers in bank statement

Learn how you can overwrite the ledger selected, given that the entries are yet to be sent in the Tally.

Re-select ledgers in bank statement

As you have selected and saved ledgers for the transactions, they are ready to be sent in Tally. But, if you want to change the ledgers, given that those transactions aren't yet sent in Tally, you can do it by simply following the same process of selecting ledgers.

Yes, you can always change the ledgers even if they are already selected. Just so you know, once the ledger is selected and saved, you can not empty that.

For re-selecting the ledgers, you can go for bulk ledger selection as shown in below image or individually also you can re-select the ledgers:


In the above image, for certain transactions "Bank Charges" ledger is wrongly selected, to change it or overwrite it, simply select the required ledgers and from bulk operations, "Ledger" section select the correct ledger as shown in the below image and then click "Save", it will be replaced:​