Single GST with respective tax ledgers

A step by step guide to map the data where Single GST rate is applicable with respective GST ledgers defined in tally. Read on to know more about the process.

Single GST with respective tax ledgers

The data you have is containing single GST % as shown in below image and you want to post the tax amount in respective % wise tax ledgers.

1Image S1.png

As you upload the sheet and click on "Complete", the following mapping screen will appear. Suvit will automatically map fields and rest will be shown in unmapped. You need to cross check once if the auto mapping was correctly done as per your need and make required changes.

2Field mapping.png

In GST mapping, you need to map the required tally GST ledgers (In this 5% GST data) as per your data available. Refer below Image in case you require the GST Calculation automatic. The GST % must be set in your Sales ledger or Stock item in tally, only then it will be automatically calculated on the amount you have selected in "Fields mapping".

3Single GST Auto Calc.png

As in above image all the transactions are of 5% so in tax ledger mapping, Sgst @ 2.5%, Cgst @ 2.5% & Igst @ 5% tax ledgers of tally will be mapped.

If you require GST amount as per mentioned in your excel sheet, please refer below screenshot, the "GST Auto Calculation" must be selected as NO and a new section will get open as highlighted in below image:

4As per sheet calc.png

As you click on Next, the "Ledger Mapping" section will open and if you have any additional ledgers to be mapped apart from the GST ledgers, kindly select it in here, refer below image for understanding:

5Ledger Mapping.png

After completing, click on "Save & Proceed", the transaction screen with your data will appear. See if there are any unselected fields, make changes accordingly and save the data records & send to tally.