Split single transaction using split ledger

Now its easy to split one transaction into multiple ledgers from Suvit. The option is beside the ledger column with a "+" symbol.

Split single transaction using split ledger

In the bank statement, there might be a transaction which you will be required to split in multiple ledgers. Therefore, we have an option of "Split Ledger" to facilitate your requirement.

Look for "+" symbol in the "Action" column available beside the "Select Ledger". Refer to below image for a better understanding:

1Split ledger.png

By clicking on "+" symbol, a dialogue box will open up, as shown in below image:


Now, you can select the ledgers into which you want to split the transactions and enter the amount. Then, finally, click on the blue "+" button to further continue splitting transactions.


If the split total is not tallied with the actual amount, the system will show an error as shown in below image, therefore, allowing you not to send false data.


The "Remove All" option is available if you want to discard the split ledger.

So, it would be best if you ensured the amount was tallied. Once all the data are split, click on "Add" button. You can now see the ledger being selected for the transaction. However, only one ledger will be there visibly, but once entry is transferred to Tally, it will be as per the split ledgers.