Suggested Ledgers

Assign the ledgers to transactions using bulk operation, it will record that using AI making it easier for you next time to assign ledgers.

Suggested Ledgers

Suvit creates auto suggestion for you to work easily.

Suvit allows you to select ledgers in bulk by typing keywords in the description section. Suvit with the help of AI stores that pattern, and next time when such narrations are identified by Suvit in the same statement for next month, it will give you suggestions, refer below image for a better understanding:


Simply, click on the funnel (Filter) button, click on box of "Fill" as shown in below image, so all the ledgers suggested transactions will be filtered: 2suggestedledger1.png

There is a small arrow button besides "Suggested Ledgers", click on it so all the ledgers will be assigned to transactions at once reducing your time up to 90%: 3suggestedledger2.png