Sync Master & Sync Vouchers

Sync master is an option to sync your tally masters in Suvit which facilitates smooth processing of data. While, sync voucher will be used for using the bill by bill option, Reports & Analytics and GST Reconciliation.

Sync Master & Sync Vouchers

When we open the Suvit Desktop Application, we found two option for the connected company, first is "Sync Master" and second is "Sync Vouchers". As seen in the below image:


To know the difference between "Sync Master" and "Sync Vouchers" prefer the below steps.

1. Sync Master :- Sync Master option is used to Sync your Tally DATA like Ledgers, Items, Party Names, Banks etc... with "Suvit". Whenever you "Create" the new Ledgers in your Tally or "Alter" the Ledgers Name or Under Type, so in that case you have to "Sync your Master" first, from that your new changes in your Tally DATA will be updated with Suvit as well.

**Note :- You don't Have to Sync your Master every time, Use this option when you have changed something in your Tally DATA** 

2. Sync Vouchers :- Sync Voucher option is use to Sync the Vouchers like Sales, Purchase, Return Vouchers etc... with "Suvit". This option is use in Suvit for the "Reports", "GST Reco." Module. From where we can process our GSTR1, GSTR2A, GSTR2B Reports.

**Note :- You don't Have to Sync your Vouchers every time, Use this option whenever you are using the "Reports" and "GST Reco." Modules.**