Unsupported Bank Statement Formats

Many a times some formats of banks are not system friendly, hence they fail when you upload it in Suvit. Read to find such type of statement

Unsupported Bank Statement Formats

Whenever you upload a document in Suvit, it is extracted in our tabular form making it easy for you to identify and assign ledgers to the transaction.

While extracting the data from document, Suvit system usually verifies it correctness and format; like, opening closing balance of statement uploaded, also in case Suvit find the error in closing balance, it will fail the statement thus allowing you not to proactively send any wrong statement.

Similarly many other formats are such, where alignment issue persists like if document downloaded from mobile banking. Refer below images of statements which are unsupported:


In above image the date, narration and amount are not aligned, which makes it difficult to extract and hence system rejects such document. If it is in tabular format then it will be successfully uploaded


For Canara bank, the below statement format is supported where the entire line of date, narration and amount are aligned:

3B Image 17.png

If scanned pdf is rejected it is because some parts of it may be blurred or back side of page's data could be reflective, gain making difficult for system to extract, refer below image:

4image 37.png

5B Image 18.png

So, in the statement you want to upload, make sure it is clearly visible and in system readable visibility, proper alignment or in tabular format, no missing data like date or debit/credit amount unavailable in the statement, no handwriting in scanned pdf statements, etc.