What is Document Management in Suvit ?

Now manage your client wise document on the Suvit cloud platform which you access form anywhere. Even, if you want to store any other document apart from the one already uploaded in Suvit you can manage it as well.

“Document Management” will help you to upload the client-wise document. Here, you will be able to see all client's folders in which you can upload and manage the documents. This feature is introduced to speed up the process of document uploading, and managing all documents at single place.

Below are steps to use document management.

  1. Sign In to Suvit on left menu you will find Document.


  1. Click on Document then you will be redirected to Document Management where the company folders will be seen as in below image, click on it so further modules folder will be shown:

2Doc1.png 3doc2.png

Module wise folder are available as seen in above image; you can upload any document according to the module and upload the document there and store it (Even you can store you personal document in others folder which you can access and download it any time):