Company is showing disconnected

It is required for your Suvit to be connected with the tally and tally company, in case you have split the data of any subscribed company it may show disconnected or due to any connectivity issue. Here, we will guide you to resolve the issue.

Company is showing disconnected

How to connect company with SUVIT?

If the company is not connected or showing disconnected in the tally connector, please check for:

  1. Tally is open and company is selected in the tally.

  2. If point no. 1 is done but still company is showing disconnected, you can change the tally port from settings and add the same port in Suvit as well.

  3. After changing the port, it should be connected. Once restart the Suvit application for better connectivity. But if still the error continues, it might be possible that the company might have been split.

Go to "My Companies" in your Suvit web login and look for the company, if it is showing disable, click on it to enable the same and continue the work.