Create bulk ledger in Suvit

Suvit helps in creating 1000s of ledgers in bulk within some minutes. Here you can also utilize the GST Mapping feature to create ledgers using GST Portal

Create ledgers in Bulk

  1. Sign in to Suvit.
  1. Go to Bulk Upload>Ledger. On Ledger page, you will get Download sample or upload any excel format ; then click on "Download Sample", One excel sheet will be downloaded.


  1. Open the excel sheet, fill in the required detail, and save it ."Name" & "Under" are mandatory to be filled in.


  1. Come back to Leger page, attach the file by clicking on "Click to upload" and hit upload button you will get an error log of excel as well if any ledger has failed with reason.


  1. After uploading you will be directed to the Mapping field page the excel in which field you have data once the mapping is done click on Save & proceed.

    Important: If you require the data of party directly from the GST portal, simply select the GST Field as shown in below and then click on the "GST MAPPING" from "If you want to map fields as per GST details".

    Also, select if you want to take the name as per "Trade Name" or "Business Name" from Which name would you prefer to use for ledger creation? as shown in below images:



After Save & Proceed you will get an error popup if any mistake is there in the sheet you can see in below image if want to know what is the error you can see it on the pop-up or Download the excel error ledger log.


6.Download the Excel error ledger log and scroll to the right side of Excel. You will find the error in the "failed reason" column.


  1. Come back to the ledger transaction page you will find the record that you want to import see select the record and click on Save. 8master7.png


  1. Click on the right side option "Send to tally" after that you will get a pop-up click ok to continue click cancel to stop.



  1. After getting a popup of Your data process has been completed Check those ledgers in Tally. You will find that those ledger masters are created in your Tally.