Create Invoice for Purchase and Purchase-Return

Here we will guide you with steps about creating invoice for purchase and purchase return. This will help you manually create invoice in Suvit itself.

Create Invoice

This feature is available under Purchase, and Purchase Return --> Create Invoice

  1. Go to Transaction>Purchase. Click on the "+Create" button to create a new invoice. Refer above image.


  1. By clicking here, you will lead to next screen as below, select whether it is a Purchase or Purchase return invoice. 2createinvoicepur2.png

  2. Select Type: Item invoice(with Item) OR Accounting Invoice(without item) can be select from here: 3createinvoicepur3.png 4createinvoicepur4.png

  3. Create: Click here to Proceed. It will lead to the process screen as given below 5createinvoicepur5.png

  4. Voucher Type can be selected here using drop down menu

  5. Enter the supplier invoice number.

  6. Voucher Date can be selected from the calendar

  7. Reference number should be entered here

  8. Reference Date can be selected from the calendar

  9. Party name should be selected here

  10. If GST Number is assigned with Party A/C Name in Tally, it can be seen here

  11. Purchase Ledger can be selected here, whichever is applicable

  12. Stock items can be selected from the drop-down menu or by searching

  13. Quantity can be selected as per bill

  14. Rate can be entered here

  15. Taxable amount will be calculated automatically

  16. Any other ledgers can be added, like discount, round off, other charges, freight, etc.

  17. From here you can add new item.

  18. You can delete any record.

  19. Tax Ledger (SGST, CGST & IGST ) can be easily selected from the drop-down menu

  20. You can add other ledger for tax from "Add Ledger".

  21. Narration any narration can be added here by simply writing it.

  • Invoice taxable, applied GST value(value will appear here according to Purchase Ledger or SGST, CGST, IGST or Item tax defined) & Total invoice value can be checked over here.
  1. After completing entire process, click on Save and close to save the bill in SUVIT or click on save and send to send the bill in tally.

OR 6createinvoice6.png

  1. Click on the arrow to send to tally.
**Note**  While pushing the data make sure Suvit Application is running.