"Failed" status after processing the Statement

Here you can understand why the bank statement you uploaded shows a "Failed" status and what points you can consider resolving the issue.

Once you have uploaded the bank statement, its status will be "Processing", and after some minutes, either the status will change to "Complete" or "Failed".

If its status is "Complete", you can start with the further process of ledger selection and sending a transaction to tally.

But, if the status has changed to "Failed", you need to check the reason, make corrections in the document accordingly and re-upload the document. Refer to the below image for a better understanding:

Generally, the document is failed because;

  • The format is not supported

  • Closing Balance Mismatched

  • Column Headers are missing

  • Handwritten or Punching marks on the data in the statement

  • Password Protected File

You need to take care of the following things to avoid the document failing:

  1. The data must be in alignment or able to differentiate amongst other contents in the statement. It should not merge. For eg, date line is merged in Narration and narration line overflows in amount column.

  2. No transaction should be missing or incomplete in the statement.

  3. Date continuity in date wise order is a must.

  4. The column headers (Date, Narration, Debit amount, Credit amount, etc.) must be there (Need to ensure in case you are splitting the bank statement and then uploading it, as in some instances headers are present on 1st page of transactions only,).

  5. If you're uploading a Scanned PDF, make sure it is:

  • equally aligned with every page in sync and continuity,
  • not too blurred and too dark that reflect the ink marks of the previous page,
  • no punching marks or ink/pen marks/written over the text or data of the statement,
  • no overlapping of narration in the amount field,
  • avoid uploading the statement with incomplete/cropped data or missing data, etc.
  1. If you're uploading Excel Sheet, please ensure the statement is on the 1st sheet of the workbook since the system will read only the 1st sheet. Simply excel should have content: Date, Narration, Debit Amount & Credit Amount.

Remove the password from a password-protected document:

For example, if you have a bank statement that is password protected, you can remove it and then upload it in Suvit. Follow the below steps to remove the password:

  1. Open the document in Chrome browser.

  2. Give print command or click on the printer symbol available in the top right corner.

  3. Select "Save as PDF" in the Destination and save the new file in the desired folder path.

  4. Check by opening the new file, as now the password will be removed, and a file will be ready to be uploaded in Suvit.