How do we process or push Journal data to Tally?

A step by step guide to manage, update and transfer journal data from Suvit to tally. Simply prepare your excel sheet, upload and map the required fields & then proceed to transfer those journal entries in tally.

How to push data to tally in Journal:


Process Screen will look like the above image.

 **Note**: Words in Blue have selected one, and words in Orange are not selected.

General Filters

2gen filters.png

  1. The informatic " i " button will show you the number of total transactions and the total number of invoices.

  2. General Filters: Here, you can use three different filters.

  • a. Hide Tally Synced Records:- these filters can hide already pushed data from your processing screen.

  • b. Saved Records:- It will allow you to see only Saved data.

  • c. Blank Records:- It will filter entire blank data.

  1. Date: Here, you filter the date range for example: want to filter a specific date range to send data to Tally.

  2. Warning triangle: it will when there is any data is miss-matched with tally data. One can simply click on that triangle to see the unselected field of that particular field.

  3. Data in orange will give you glimpse that which data is not get auto selected

Bulk Operations

3bulk records.png

  1. Update Bulk records: Here, you can select the type which can be updated in bulk; here, you can update Voucher type & Particulars.

4bulk ledger ledger.png

  1. Here, you can select the ledgers accounts based on type selection


  1. It can be used to select your records in bulk.

  2. In the given search box, you can search for other Journal type if you have created.

  3. In the given box you can search for Reference No according to your excel data.

  4. Particulars: In the given box you can search for Reference No according to your excel data.

  5. Here you can search Debit/Credit part also you can alter them

  6. Final amount can be check here

  7. You can use delete button to delete unwanted data

How to save and push the data


  1. As per the image, you can select all transactions by using bulk options or use the filter to select desired transactions.

  2. After selecting transactions, click on save button.


  1. Select all transactions again by using bulk options, or else one can use the filter and re-select desired transactions selected in Step 14.

  2. Use send transaction button to push data into Tally