How to create a user account in Suvit?

You can manage your work efficiently by creating user accounts and providing them with specific access

  • Sign in to Suvit with the Primary account (Main Account)
  • Click on Settings from the left menu and then click on User Management in the sub-menu. 1usermgt.png
  • On User Management page, go to "User List" & then click on Add User 2usermgt1.png In add user page, fill all the details (Note email id and mobile number must be unique and should not be the same as Primary User) 3user3.png
  1. First Name Last Name:- Put your user name

  2. Email / Mobile:- Note email id and mobile number should not be the same according to Primary Account

  3. Password:- You can keep system generated password, or you can type your desired password (Your password can be any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols)

  4. Pin code/State/city - After putting pin code, state and city will be selected automatically

  • Assign the role you have created (If you have not created any role, click here to learn how to create a new role.)


  • Assign Company You can select the companies which you want to assign to your user. To assign all the companies, you can leave it blank. 5user2.png

After filling in all the details, press "Add User". You will get a confirmation pop-up on your screen with the success message "User Added successfully".