I am unable to see the company or ledger while uploading the document

If at the time of uploading the document you are unable to see/select company or ledger, it can be due to sync issue, read on for more.

Usually, this happens if you have newly subscribed a company and sync is not been done. Take this into account, before uploading a document make sure the company opened in tally is synced in Suvit.

If you are a secondary user, make sure the company is assigned to you.

Note: Whenever you create/alter new ledger/item in tally, simply "Sync Master" from Suvit tally connector to get the latest data in Suvit.

So, go to "My Companies" and click on "Sync Master" button. Wait for the notification showing "Ledger Sync Successfully".

After the ledger sync successful message , go to your web login and press CTRL+SHIFT+R to hard refresh the page and now try to import/upload document.

If the issue still persists, make sure you are using the Suvit's latest version application. Check for which is latest version by visiting "What's New" in your Suvit web login at the bottom left corner.