Mapping excel sheet data of Journal with SUVIT configuration

After uploading the excel sheet of journal, you need to map those data according to its tally required field. Here we will guide you to successfully map your journal sheet.

**Note** Mapping is just a one-time process for each newly uploaded format. 

Once excel upload is done then next step is to map required fields.(link pending)

1journal mapping.png

In case you want to work in journal with item, kindly go to "Configuration" and select the item allocation field. Check below image:


To check how to upload excel file in SUVIT. Below is the Mapping screen where you can Map your uploaded Journal data in an excel sheet.

  1. Is the Imported file header from your excel sheet

  2. This Is where you have to assign Tally Fields. example:- Journal number to mapped as Reference no :- Invoice value/Total value should be mapped as Amount

  3. This will show you the top 3 values of your sheet data. It will help to assign a proper Tally field. Note:- Just so you know, if you can't see any data from your sheet, please check the format of your data in the sheet and correct it.

  4. Other Ledger Mapping Here you can add different debit & credit amount. (for example Round Off, discount, freight amount, etc., charges by selecting the proper file header and ledger)

  5. Reset can be used to reset the mapping

  6. Save & Proceed will take you to the process screen

  7. Save Mapping will help you to save the particular format with SUVIT. Then, if you upload the same format again, SUVIT will pre-map those fields.

How to Process Journal sheet click here for steps