New ledger creation from Suvit

A new ledger from Suvit for your Tally. It is the same feature as in Tally, with the same fields to be filled up while creating a ledger.

New ledger creation from Suvit

On the transaction page, a feature is available to create a ledger in Suvit for your Tally. In case you do not have some ledgers in Tally, and while selecting ledgers in Suvit, you want to avoid going into Tally and creating it, you can always create one from Suvit itself. Follow below steps to create a ledger from Suvit:

  1. Check for and click on the "Create ledger" tab in top right corner as highlighted in below image:

  2. Fill up the required fields; Name and Ledger Type are mandatory fields to be filled, and then click on "Add" as shown below image:

Also, if the party is GST registered, simply enter the GST number and click on get data:

1create ledger bank.png

  1. Now search for that ledger name and select it in required transaction either from Ledger list available in "Bulk Operation" or "Select ledger" as highlighted below images:


Alternatively, if the ledgers to be created are more in numbers, you can use our "Bulk Master Creation" module as well. It will help you to create ledgers or stock items in bulk. We have a sample sheet in the module wherein you must fill in all the required data and sync it in Tally.