Sheet modification for Multiple GST rates & Mapping with Suvit

Here we will guide to prepare an excel data with multiple GST rates to be processed in multiple GST ledgers created in tally. Also, mapping of the same will be discussed hereon.

If you want to enter data in tally in different Tax Ledgers (for ex: sgst 9 , cgst 9 , sgst 14, cgst 14...)

If you have data like given below image

1multiple gst verticle.jpg

Add Column:

  1. Create a column with the heading Sales or purchase ledger which will act as Particulars

  2. Create a column with the heading SGST name

  3. Create a column with the heading CGST name

  4. Create a column with the heading IGST name

Now use filter in your excel sheet. Apply filter on Rate.


For example : if you have filter the Rate 18 then put Sales/Purchase ledger name according to your tally name, Similarly add name in excel sheet for Sgst , Cgst and Igst. Like above Image.

Mapping for the following sheet:

Upload the document and click on complete button map you data properly Check below image:

3gst mapping4.png

Select "Yes" for the GST Ledger from excel sheet, a new section will be opened simply select and tick the box for respective fields as shown in above image. The click on "Next".

Click Save & Proceed your data for further step: Click here for next step.