How do we process or push Sales/Sales return data to Tally?

After mapping these next screen will let you see your data in excel kind of form, where you can see all details.

Follow the steps below:

1Mapping Screen.png

Process Screen will look like the above image.

**Note** : Words in Blue have selected one, and words in Orange are not selected or not yet created in tally.

If the ledgers are already created in tally, the error must be due to spelling mismatch in excel and tally, simply select in bulk and update it from the bulk selection option as shown in below image:

2Bulk select.png

3bulk select2.png

If the ledgers are not created in tally, simply click on the "+" button besides party name, the all ledgers will be created on the spot as seen in below image:

4Auto ledger.png

5Auto ledger2.png

6Auto ledger3.png

8Auto ledger4.png



  1. The informatic " i " button will show you the number of total transactions and the total number of invoices.

  2. General Filters: Here, you can use three different filters. a. Hide Tally Synced Records:- these filters can hide already pushed data from your processing screen. b. Saved Records:- It will allow you to see only Saved data c. Blank Records:- It will filter entire blank data

  3. Date: Here, you filter the date range For example: want to filter a specific date range to send data to Tally

Bulk Operations

10Bulk select.png

  1. Update Bulk records: Here, you can select the type which can be updated in bulk; here, you can update Voucher type, Party A/c Name and Particulars ( Sales account ledger)

11Bulk select3.png

  1. Here, you can select the ledgers accounts based on type selection

12filter screen 4.jpg

  1. It can be used to select your records in bulk. It can also be helpful with 7, 8, 9 & 12, respectively.

  2. In the given search box, you can search for bill numbers

  3. Voucher type filter helps you to filter various voucher types if multiple selected

  4. In this search box, you can filter specific Party name

  5. GST number associated with Party name can be seen here

  6. Place of supply can be cross-checked here. It can be selected from sheet, or it will be displayed according to Party name or based on selected Tally company

  7. Here, ledgers under sales account can be filtered.

  8. Orange triangle shows that some of the transactions are not selected in the list

  9. Unselected ledgers can be seen in orange colour

**Instruction**: How to create ledgers in bulk. Click here for the steps

How to save and push the data

13select all and save.jpg

  1. As per the image, you can select all transactions by using bulk options or use the filter to select desired transactions.

  2. After selecting transactions, click on save button.

14select all and save1.jpg

  1. Select all transactions again by using bulk options, or else one can use the filter and re-select desired transactions selected in Step 15.
**Instruction**: If you are using bulk option, make sure all transactions are properly filled, and all Caution triangle (Step 9) is cleared.
  1. Click on Open Drawer. It will open sidebar.

15send transcation to tally.jpg

  1. Now click on Send Transaction To Tally button to send selected transactions to Tally. A transaction progress screen will pop up like below screen
Only selected and saved data will be pushed to tally, and remaining entries can be done later.

16data send confirmation.jpg

System will ask for confirmation. Click on OK to continue. This will lead you next screen.

17stage 1.jpg

18stage 2.jpg

Entries in orange (also known as 2nd Stage) mean your data is initiated from Suvit to Tally.

19app counter.jpg

One can check the progress count by opening the Suvit Desktop App

20stage 3.jpg

Entries in Green colors (also known as 3rd Stage) mean that your data has been pushed to tally.

**Note**: All sent transactions will get disabled once the data is pushed into the Tally.