Transaction(s) failed to sync in Tally.

When we send transactions to tally, those entries will either be created or fail to sync in tally. It could be due to various reasons.

Transaction(s) failed to sync in Tally.

Follow the given instruction to check the error of entry failed:

As you successfully select ledgers for all transactions and hit the "Send transaction to tally" button, those transactions will be synced in Tally.

Sometimes, the entries get fail to sync in Tally; it could be due to the following reasons:

The date is out of range;

  • Extra space in the name of ledgers or company name;

  • The voucher numbering setting is not set to automatic in Payment, Receipt & Contra vouchers;

  • Tally running in educational mode;

  • Ledger name altered/deleted in Tally after uploading the document, selecting ledgers in Suvit, etc.

  • A voucher type does not exist.

You can check the reason for entry failure in an IMP file that Tally generates. You can access the tally IMP file by simply visiting its file location. Follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click the tally application shortcut on your desktop and click open file location: ​ 1B2041.png

  2. Please be sure to look for the IMP file. Usually, it will be available right below the tally application itself:


  1. You can open the IMP File in Notepad to get the latest log and scroll through the file till the last. Then, CTRL+F and paste the "Error: 1" and hit on "Find Next" for the "UP" direction to know the logs:


  1. The "Error: 1" log will show the reason for the Error as shown in the below image upon finding: ​


  1. Could you rectify the error, sync the ledgers, and resend the transactions into Tally for successful syncing of data?

Rectification of various errors:

  • The date is Out of Range: Could you check the book beginning date of your respective company in Tally and set it according to your bank statement? E.g., If you are uploading a bank statement of F.Y. 2021-22, and your book beginning date in Tally is set as Apr '22, then change it to Apr '21 or earlier to that. ​

  • Extra space in the name of ledgers or company name: When you create any ledger in Tally by pasting its name from another document, it carries an extra space at the end of the name. This extra space can be identified if you look for it in the Ledger module of Suvit's master section, as shown in below image:



As seen in the above image, if you type &#, those ledgers with extra space in its name will appear. You can go to Tally, open that ledger in altering, and remove the extra space for all those ledgers. Once it's done, you can just sync the ledgers, and your work will be done.

  • Voucher numbering setting is not set to automatic in Payment, Receipt & Contra vouchers: When the Error log in the IMP file shows an error of "Voucher number cannot be left blank", it means the voucher numbering in payment, receipt and contra vouchers is not set to "Automatic". ​ Follow the below steps to change the voucher numbering to "Automatic" in your Tally: ​Gateway of Tally > Alter > Voucher Type. Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select Alter Master > Voucher Type. The Methods of Numbering list appears as shown below, select "Automatic" and save it:


  • Tally running in educational mode: If your entry failed, and in IMP file, the error log shows nothing/blank in reason, check if your Tally accidentally ran into education mode. Change it to your particular license mode and then send the transactions to tally. ​

  • Ledger name altered/deleted in Tally after uploading the document or selecting ledgers in Suvit, etc.: After uploading the bank statement and selecting the ledgers in Suvit, if you will attempt to delete or modify the bank ledger's name or any of the chosen ledger's name, it will show an error of "Ledger Does not exists". It would be best if you sync the ledgers, then reselect & save those altered/modified ones for successful sync in Tally. ​

  • Voucher type does not exist: Many instances show that in Tally, custom voucher types are created. In case the type of those vouchers whose voucher type is different from what Tally officially provides, entries will not be synced in such vouchers. E.g., "Cash payment" and "Bank Payment"; such voucher types are not identified, and thus, entries get failed. ​ Your voucher types must be the original ones as and how provided by Tally, i.e., "Payment", "Receipt", & "Contra". ​

So, whenever your data don't sync in Tally, please don't worry. Just find the reason for the failure, correct it, and resend the data.