Uploading Purchase/Purchase return data through an excel sheet

When you load the purchase data into SUVIT, it creates a new worksheet, but the original purchase data worksheet stays the same.

How to Upload Purchase/Purchase return bill through Excel sheet:

  1. If you are already a registered user, kindly visit the below link
  1. Click on upload file to upload the excel sheet on the sheet (Upload Pop-up screen will appear)
  2. Upload excel sheet 2purchase upload.png
  • Attach the file from your system by clicking on "Click to Upload"
  • Click on "Upload" to upload your document or click on "Upload & Preview" to preview the document. Below screen will appear, if you want to make any changes you can make it and then click on "Save & Mapping" to proceed for mapping. 3upload and preview.png
  1. If directly clicked on "Upload" the below screen will reflect: Click on Complete at the end of the file for the mapping screen. 4purchase1.png

Click here for the next step after completing: Mapping.