How to create a ledger and stock item from a sales/sales return transaction screen

Now Suvit provides an exceptional feature, to create stock items and party ledger in bulk with single click, refer this article and dive deeper into the process.

Create Ledger


  1. Click on create ledger as per the above image. This will open a new pop-up window, as shown below image :


Here you can fill required details and click on "Add" to Create a Ledger.

**Note** : Any data is pushed in Tally at that moment ledger is also created in Tally along with them

Create Stock item

**Instruction**: This function is available only in Item Invoice(with Item) 


  1. Click on a drawer to open the menu


  1. Click on Create item to create New Stock Item


Enter the required fields and click on "Add" button to create New Stock Item

**Note** :When data is pushed in Tally, that newly created Stock Item will also be pushed and created in Tally.