How to create a ledger and stock item from purchase transaction screen

While you are working on the purchase transaction screen and some ledgers are missing, you can simply create it from the "create ledger" option available. Read the steps in the article.

Create ledger form Purchase/Purchase Return

Create Ledger

  1. Click on create ledger as per the elow image. 1create ledger pur1.png

This will open a new pop-up window, as shown below image : 2create ledger pur.png

Here you fill required details and click on "Add" to Create a Ledger. Also, if you have a GST number and add it in the field, upon clicking on "Get Data", all the data will be fetched from the GST Portal. Note: Any data is pushed in Tally at that moment ledger is also created in Tally along with them

Create Stock item

This function is available only in Item Invoice(with Item) 3createitem pu.png

  1. Click on a drawer to open the menu 4createitem pur.png

  2. Click on Create item to create New Stock Item 5createitem pur1.png Enter the required fields and click on add button to create New Stock Item

**Note**  When data is pushed in Tally, that newly created Stock Item will also be pushed and created in Tally.